Let MWI add value to your work and organisation.

MWI works on the performance, mindset, cultural intelligence and mental wellbeing of leaders of international organisations and educational institutions so they can achieve greater success.

"Client or not, one of the first things you notice during an interaction with MWI coaches is that they listen. I mean they REALLY LISTENS. They lean in completely, and affirm that they are in the moment by asking well-placed thought-provoking questions. No matter the issue that I bring to my coach, I have only ever experienced a sense of understanding and acceptance. Every chat has truly been an opportunity for me to reflect deeply and move forward with greater clarity."

Richard Chin,
RHC Leadership Consultancy

Main Services


Leadership Relocation and Ex-Pat Coaching

Tailored support from a highly experienced coach to help leaders improve performance and productivity, relocate to live and work abroad.


Education Consulting

Expert guidance for educational institutions of all levels, government bodies, educators, and investors in education.


Nuco Mental Health Training

Helping leaders in high-pressure roles and positions build inner resilience and mental wellbeing, and help teams do the same.


Speaking & Moderation

Mbeke is available to add value and thought leadership at industry events as a speaker, panel guest or moderator.


What Clients Have Said

"MWI has mastered that balance of being both supportive and asking those questions that make you squirm but that you know need to be asked! "

Andrea Vigille,
Organisational Development Consultant

"MWI have coaches who are excellent listeners, and together with patience, empathy and understanding, she are highly effective coaches.

Liz White,
Education Welfare Officer & Pilates Instructor